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Maximize Your Full Potential.

Mental and performance training
built for everyone.

Quinntesential Wellness
Nutrition and Human Performance Coaching

Monte Quinn, is your go-to Nutrition and Human Performance Coach, specializing in guiding clients through transformative journeys in nutrition and fitness. With over two decades of experience, a graduate degree, and multiple certifications under my belt, I've discovered that achieving your dream physique is simpler than the fitness world often portrays. That is why I started Quinntessential Wellness.

I have a passion for working with motivated gym warriors, helping them sculpt their ideal physique. What sets me apart is my commitment to sharing the tried-and-true process that has not only worked for myself but has also brought success to numerous clients. Join me on this exciting journey, where simplicity meets effectiveness, and let's unlock your full potential together!

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Empower Your Body, Energize Your Mind: Unleash Your Wellness Potential! Quinntessential Wellness logo


  • Let's learn about you and your needs.

  • Holistic coaching and guidance on your extraordinary journey toward a ...

  • Get your gut in check.

  • Empower Your Body, Energize Your Mind: Unleash Your Wellness Potential...


Monte's fitness guidance was a game-changer. With tailored workouts, I not only gained muscle but also felt a newfound strength that permeated every aspect of my life. The gradual and sustainable fat loss was effortless, leaving me feeling confident and revitalized. What sets Quintessential Wellness apart is the holistic perspective Monte brings to coaching.


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